Wearable Fitness Accessories for 2017

Fitness isn’t only a resolution for a new year – it’s a lifetime goal.  And like most goals, the right accessories are vital to its success.  Luckily, the market is full of new, innovative, and fashionable options for wearable fitness accessories and apps.


If you’re searching for something more than the usual smart watch, Bellabeat is for you.  The company offers two lines of smart charms – leaf nature and leaf city.  Each can be transitioned into bracelets and pendants, as well.  Bellabeat created their product with an eye not only on a woman’s physical health but also her complete emotional well-being.  Daily steps and activity are tracked, as well as calories burned; Bellabeat also offers guided meditation exercises, sleep monitoring, period tracking, fertility calendar, and stress detection, all in a slim and chic package.


When one hears Swarovski, the word fitness doesn’t usually come to mind.  However, the world-famous luxury brand has achieved the ultimate combination of beauty and brains with its line of technology bracelets.  The centerpiece of the line, the Swarovski Activity Crystal, syncs with your smartphone and monitors activity, sleep, calories burned, steps taken, and distance covered.  The crystal fits into a bracelet or pendant, both of which offered in varying styles.


Gone are the days of clunky smart watches; smart jewelry is on the rise, and Ringly offers both rings and bracelets with contemporary, trendy stones and designs.  Ringly products track steps, calories, and distance traveled and is compatible with both iOS and Android.  The bracelets feature a large center stone of varying colors set in silver or gold.  The rings offer the same and feature rainbow moonstone, quartz, lapis, or onyx center stones.


The Fitbit is one of the original fitness trackers, and now they have expanded into the fashion world.  Designers Vera Wang and Tory Burch have corroborated with Fitbit to create sleek, stylish trackers that would be appropriate at any black-tie function or event.  For a more edgy look, Simply Vera by Vera Wang created three designs: a woven metal, double wrap leather, or a leather/metal blend.  The Tory Burch collection will debut in 2017 and will feature cutting edge designs.

Fit Radio

Music is an integral part of a successful workout – the right songs can inspire, encourage, and help take your workout to another level.  The app features thousands of ready-to-go DJ mixes, and more are added every day.  Users can search by workout – CrossFit, Zumba, 10K run – or by artist, song, BPM, and more.  Premium users can save their favorite genres and stations, which makes continual use easy.  And with no commercials and unlimited skip, Fit Radio keeps you in the zone better than any other music app on the market today.

Charity Miles

Want to make a positive impact while jogging, walking the dog, or shoveling snow?  Charity Miles has you covered.  Each time you open the app, you choose a favorite charity and earn anywhere from $.10 to $.25 per mile for their organization.  Charity Miles features several challenges throughout the year and sends weekly encouragement and reminders to its subscribers.

Getting in shape or maintaining a fitness level isn’t easy – but with these accessories and apps, it can be a little easier.