The Top 5 Hacks to Get the Best Price on Airline Tickets

Whether summer vacation or holiday time, travel is one of those certain things in life, akin to death and taxes.  In fact, almost one million people are in the friendly skies at any given moment, and that number only increases during peak holiday times..  But with an increase in demand comes an increase in prices.  The question arises, how does one avoid paying into those often exorbitant fees?

Go Private

No, it’s not your imagination – the more you search for flights, the higher the price creeps.  To prevent this from happening, open up a private browser window each time you begin a new search.  If airlines can tell that someone is searching multiple times for a certain flight, they’ll do their best to inflate the price.  Don’t let them; protect your wallet.

Use Search Engines

We’ve all seen the travel commercials and their attempt to attract your flight booking.  From offering deals to clever marketing schemes, most of these websites dramatically inflate their prices because they get a cut from airlines.  Luckily, bargain search engines exist and offer numerous deals, discounts, and more affordable options for flights.  Sites such as Skyscanner, AirFare Watchdog, Kiwi, JetRadar, and AirWander have both traditional discounts as well as some unique options; sale & error fates, layover planning, and exclusive coupons are only some of the interesting discounts one can find on these little-known sites.  As a bonus, budget airlines are now included in search engines, which makes flying on a budget even easier.  As with all web research, try a few of these websites just to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Be Flexible

As with most things in life, you’ll get more results if you’re flexible with your dates.  Is it imperative that you leave San Francisco exactly at 10am on Monday, or can you fly out Sunday or Tuesday?  Would an evening flight be acceptable?  The more options you allow yourself to exhibit the more options you’ll find for cheaper flights.  If you live near more than one airport, check the fares from both of them.  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are the cheapest days to depart.  By shifting your dates slightly, hundreds of dollars can potentially be saved.

Know the Right Time

Should you book early?  Book later?  Book on a specific day?  The answer is, quite simply, all of the above. If you’re looking for cheaper tickets around peak holiday times, booking early is always better.  However, if you’re checking on flights to Vegas in October or Vermont in March, booking later might work to your advantage.  If airlines fail to fill the plane, then you’re going to get the sweet end of that deal.  Some websites can help you decide exactly the best time to purchase by analyzing and predicting fares for major destinations.  And the rumors are true – airlines launch sales on Tuesdays, so keeping an eye out for deals every week just makes sense.

Keep an eye on deals

Many airlines and websites have daily or weekly travel deals that offer discounts, cheap flights, or some kind of rewards for flying during certain times.  Whether it’s directly from the airline themselves or sponsored by third party websites, it pays to keep an eye on potential special deals.

Whether you use one of these hacks or all five, you’re now in a much better position when it comes to purchasing airline tickets.  Happy travels!