How to Write an Awesome Offer Letter

You’ve found your dream home – congratulations!  But how do you set yourself apart so your offer will be accepted?

The idea of writing a letter to accompany your offer is to make it stand out.  Why should the seller choose your offer to pursue instead of someone else’s?  Below, you’ll find some tips on how to write an awesome offer letter!

Be As Personal As Possible

Introduce yourself, your family, and your pets to the seller, and establish yourself right off the bat.  Then, explain why this house in particular stood out to you.  Did you grow up in the area?  Is the school district everything you want for your child?  Don’t write as though you’re talking to a stranger – write as if you’re conversing with your best friend.

Mention the Home’s Attributes

If the large backyard or open floorplan was a big reason you chose this home, say it!  Sellers like to hear that a buyer really knows what they’re buying and why they’re making the decision, so always speak up.

Find a Connection

Did you notice that the sellers have dog bowls and leashes, and you also have a furry friend?  Do your parents live in the same neighborhood and you want your children to grow up around family?  Do you play the guitar, and recognized the brands of the instruments in the basement?  Whatever it is, find a connection.  Show that you are the right buyer for this home, and establish something personal with the seller.

Explain your Vision

Are you upgrading your home so you can start a family?  Or are you downsizing so you can create a cozy home for you and your spouse?  Whatever your ideas are for the future, share them with the seller.  They want to know that their home will be in good hands, and there’s no better way to reassure them than laying out your plans.

When you find your dream home, you’ll know.  Sharing those feelings with the seller will almost guarantee the acceptance of your offer.  Just follow the tips above and you’ll be moving into your new home in no time.